Eva Weyns

Eva Weyns

PhD researcher



I am a PhD researcher at the KU Leuven Faculty of Architecture, where I work on the research project Catholic Territories in a Suburban landscape: Religion and Urbanization in Belgium, 1945-1975. My main research interest is in religious architecture of the second half of the twentieth century. My current research focuses on the use of architecture and urban planning in territorial strategies of the Roman Catholic Church in post-war Belgium. As a teaching assistant I am also involved in courses in architectural history and research methodology. During my studies in architectural engineering and conservation of monuments and sites I have been actively involved in the discussion on the future of religious heritage.





Editorial board member

February 2016 - August 2018

Representative of KADOC in the editorial board of Contemporanea, journal of the Belgische Vereniging voor Nieuwste Geschiedenis

Freelance intern architect

August 2013 - December 2014

Barbara Van der Wee Architects bvba






(2019) Domestic Liturgy: St Paul's in Waterloo by Jean Cosse (1968).

Presentation at international conference: Society of Architectural Historians 72nd Annual International Conference. Providence, Rhode Island, 24-28.04.2019.

Weyns, E., Sterken, S.

(2018) (Re)claiming a Catholic Presence: Modern Churches in the Belgian Archdiocese, 1945-75.

Presentation at international conference: From Building to Continent: How Architecture makes Territories. Canterbury, 28-29.06.2018.

Weyns, E., Sterken, S.

(2017) Rethinking the Urban Parish: François Houtart and the Centre de Recherches Socio-Religieuses in Belgium, 1955-1964.

Presentation at international conference: Urban History Group Conference 2017. London, Royal Holloway, 30-31.03.2017.

Weyns, E., Sterken, S.

(2017) Constructing a Genius Loci: The St Pius X's Church in Wilrijk, 1957-1967.

In: Rosas, L. (Ed.), Sousa, A. (Ed.), Barreira, H. (Ed.), Genius Loci: lugares e significados | places and meanings, Vol.1. Genius Loci: Places and Meanings. Porto, Portugal, 20-22.04.2016 (pp. 251-263).

Weyns, E., Sterken, S.

(2016) Exploring New Territories: The Shared Use of the Parkwijk Church in Turnhout.

In: Tostões, A. (Ed.), Ferreira, Z. (Ed.), Proceedings of the 14th International DOCOMOMO Conference. 14th International DOCOMOMO Conference. Adaptive Reuse. The Modern Movement Towards the Future. Lisbon, 06-09.09.2016. (pp. 582-588).

Weyns, E.

(2016) Catholic Territories in a Suburban Landscape: The Built Environment of Religion in Belgium, 1945-1975.

Presentation at international conference: Architecture Research Moments, organised by the European Architectural Research Network. Brussels, 29-30.01.2016.

Weyns, E.


(2016) 'Urban Planning and Christian Revival. The Institut supérieur d'urbanisme appliqué in Brussels under Gaston Bardet (1947-1973)'

In: Moravansky, A., Höpfengartner, J. (Eds.), Re-humanizing Architecture: New Forms of Community, 1950-1970. Berlin/Basel: Birkhäuser/De Gruyter, 89-100.

Sterken, S., Weyns, E.

(2016)'Gemetseld en gebeiteld. Identiteit en materiële cultuur.' Link

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De Maeyer, J., Byls, H., Weyns, E.


(2017) 'Het territorium van de Katholieke Kerk onder spanning: geschiedschrijving over kerkarchitectuur en verstedelijking in het naoorlogse België (1945-1975).' Link

Contemporanea, 2017 (4).

Weyns, E., Sterken, S.


(2016) 'Neogotiek in Brussel. Een rijkdom aan concepten en praktijken.' Link

Brussels Erfgoed/Bruxelles Patrimoines, (19-20), 52-65.

De Maeyer, J., Coomans, T., Weyns, E.

(2014) 'Kaartenreeks. Repertorium, chronologie en locatie van kerken, kloosters en kapellen in het Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest.' Link

Brussels Erfgoed/Bruxelles Patrimoines, (13), 35-47.

Vermandel, V., Weyns, E., Van Bocxlaer, S., Coomans, T.


Catholic Territories Blog. Link

Blog on the research project with monthly posts.

Weyns, E.

(2018) 'Religie en stedenbouw in naoorlogs Europa, 1945-1975. Workshop Territories of Faith.' Link

KADOC Nieuwsbrief, 2018 (1), 10-15.

Weyns, E.

(2016) 'Building Parishes in the Periphery. Religion and the built environment in Belgium, 1945-1975.' Link

KADOC International Newsletter, 2015-2016, 7-9.

Weyns, E.

(2015) 'Religie en de bebouwde omgeving in België. Onderzoeksproject.' Link

KADOC Nieuwsbrief, 2015 (3), 4-10.

Weyns, E.



Catholic Territories International Expert Seminar

Leuven, 30.05.2016

Organisation of a seminar to obtain feedback on the research project, with the following experts: Nick Bullock (University of Camebridge), Oliver Chatelan (University Jean Moulin Lyon 3) and Bieke Cattoor (KU Leuven).

Workshop in Berlin

April 2013

Participation in the intensive program Reworking the reconstruction era in Berlin on Optimizing the performance of the Academy of Arts, the Hansa Library, and the shopping-centre in the Hansaviertel.



Methodiek Link

2015 - 2016

Bachelor of Architecture, Faculty of Architecture, KU Leuven

Teaching assistant